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Home learning online teacher training

 Home learning online teacher training

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Students are not much interested in the online studies started due to the schools closed in lockdown.  This is why only about half of the students have been able to join these classes.  Apart from this, the speed of the net somewhere and lack of resources is affecting online studies.  Parents are busy preparing children's assignments, so most teachers are not considering it as effective for many reasons.  Hindustan team report…

 Entire students not included in the group made for class

 Students of 10th and 12th are facing most of the shortage of resources under online classes started by the Delhi Education Directorate.  According to a teacher in the directorate, children who have just passed 9th and 11th.  The class teacher has formed WhatsApp groups to teach them online.  Through these groups, online classes are organized and monitored.  According to the registration in the class, there should be 40 to 50 students in a group created for one class.  However, a large number of students are not included in these groups.  Alam is that 50 per cent of the students in a group are 60 per cent students.

 According to the teacher, the prima facie reason behind this is that many students do not have the necessary resources to join these online classes.  It has resources like smart phones, laptops or internet.

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Students are not seeing long messages

 The children involved in the group for online classes are also not showing much interest for online studies.  According to Subhash Nagar SBV teacher Sant Ram, teachers have been sending course materials to students continuously.  At the same time, teachers are also responsible for the course material being sent by Khan and the British Academy.  In such a situation, it happens many times that the messages sent in the group for the course material are not seen by the students for a long time.  Now the situation is that the students are leaving the group.

 No evaluation mechanism

 An arrangement has been made by the Directorate of Education to send text messages through the message and IVR in the mobiles of parents of children from nursery to VIII.  However, teachers are unaware of the result of this arrangement.  According to a teacher, there is no mechanism to monitor and evaluate the messages sent by children and parents and how they have been implemented.  Because of this, the whole process has become formal.

Directorate sought responses

 The Directorate of Education has also started the process of collecting results for online classes.  Under this, the directorate has sought feedback from students regarding online classes.  This feedback will be sought from the students on behalf of the teachers, whose report will be submitted to the directorate by 2 June.  In this regard, the Directorate of Education has issued orders to the heads of all government schools.  In this, teachers will call all the students of the class and take their feedback on the teaching programs.

 Directorate made these arrangements

 - Daily Assignment and Happiness classes for children from nursery to VIII

 - Online Mathematics and Science classes from Khan Academy for children of 10th and 12th.

 - English classes from British Academy for children of 10th and 12th.

 Teachers feedback

 Students are not interested in online classes.  Although students were joining it in the initial days, but now after declaring summer vacation, the trend of students has reduced drastically.  He is leaving the group.  - Santram, teacher, ACBV Subhash Nagar

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