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Home Learning DD Girnar Live TV 30/09/2020 Videos


Home Learning DD Girnar Live TV 30/09/2020 Videos 

Human has been creating new ways of learning since the beginning.  From leaves to stone and from black board to computer screen.  Our knowledge has become the medium to fulfill Pipasa.

 According to Lord Buddha, this world is eternal.

Meaning nothing is going to stay.  Everything is changing, disappearing.

 Following this rule.  The education industry (education sector) is also changing and making itself digital.

 This work has been the fastest in the 21st century.  And now education has moved on the digital path.  That is, education is now being digital education.

Date 30-9-2020 Home learning video DD Girnaar


 Now you may ask what exactly is this digital education?  Is online study the form of this?  How will online study affect our learning?

 How many such questions will be coming to mind?

 Therefore, I am giving detailed information about digital education in this online study guide.  So that you can get information about online study.

 For your convenience, this guide has been divided into the following sections.

Studying through Internet means is called online study.  It is a type of distance education (distance learning).  Students and teachers rely on the Internet to communicate with each other and distribute educational content.  This digital way of studying is very popular.

After reading the definition of online study, you must have understood that what is called online study?

 If, in simple words, learning or studying through internet is called online learning (another name for online study).

 Online study is defined as online learning, e-learning, computer-based learning, web-based learning, internet-based learning, mobile learning (M-learning),  Virtual learning is known by many names.

 Under this education system, students and teachers / trainers are not confronted.  Rather, they live at their respective places of residence.  And from there we talk to each other.

 Teachers, notes, lectures etc. are delivered to the students through Internet means while sitting at home.  Students access this study materials through an Internet-enabled device.

 Techniques such as live chat, group discussion, video conferencing are resorted to for doubt solution.  That is, the atmosphere like a classroom is ready.  It is different that they interact only virtually.

 Students and teachers [these I call Digicher (Digital + Teacher = Digicher)] benefit from this digital education technique.  Both of them save precious time.  Which they can use in studying.

 By the way, I have mentioned the benefits of online study below.

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