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Home Learning DD Girnar Live TV 25/09/2020 Videos

Home Learning DD Girnar Live TV 25/09/2020 Videos 

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Now there will be delivery (delivery) on dummy in the medical colleges of the state.  During this time the dummy will have all the troubles that occur during the actual delivery.  If there is too much blood loss, BP (blood pressure) will start falling and pulse will also increase.  The baby will cry as soon as it is delivered and will also drink mother's milk.  The state's Department of Medical Education is now adopting this advanced technology of teaching and learning.  Through this, medical students will be able to study all the parts of the body without cadre.  You will also be able to learn the operation.

 Medical colleges of many countries of the world are studying in the same manner.  India also has such a simulation lab in Mangalore (Karnataka).  On the instructions of the Rajasthan government, the expert committee of the medical colleges of the state under the leadership of Dr. RK Aseri, dean of Jhalawar Medical College has visited Mangalore for this particular lab.  Apart from Jaipur and Jhalawar in the first phase, the state government has also started work on developing such lab in another medical college.

Date 25-9-2020 Home learning video DD Girnaar


 Bhaskar Exclusive: Lab will be beneficial for nursing staff too

 Will study on virtual anotomy table
 Under this, a skill lab will be created, where the technique of teaching in this manner will be taught and the other will be a simulation lab.  In the first phase, a virtual anotomy table costing one to two and a half crores rupees is being prepared.  This table is a 3D technology base.  With this, all the studies will be done without cadre.  Each part of the body and how it works can be understood closely on this table.  The project of the entire simulation lab is from 5 to 6 crores.

 All procedures including laparoscopy are very easy to understand.
 The team consisted of Dr. Aseri with Dr. L Harsh Vardhan of Medicine from Jaipur Medical College, Dr. MK Aseri from the Department of Orthopedics from Jodhpur, Dr. Sudesh Agarwal from Gyani from Bikaner, Dr. Ghanshyam from Anatomy from Udaipur, Forensic from Ajmer  Dr. R Mathur of Medicine and Dr. Dharmaraja Meena of Surgery from Kota.  Doctors in the team sent to the government in their report that all procedures including laparoscopy on the dummy can be understood very easily.  This will also improve the teaching skill of the faculty.  According to the doctors, no matter how much one reads, but when a doctor does a procedure on a patient for the first time, his hands tremble.  After working on such a dummy, he will be able to start working on the uninhibited patient.

 Necessary for skill development

 It is really a method of advanced learning and teaching.  We went there and watched all the things closely and understood that this skill is very beneficial in terms of development.  The government has also started work and in the first phase has started the process of developing such labs in three medical colleges.  - Dr. RK Aseri, Dean, Jhalawar Medical College

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