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Get knowledge education with a very useful joke for young children

Get knowledge education with a very useful joke for young children

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Questions related to general knowledge are always asked from the children everywhere for admission in school or for any competition.  Even if asked, such questions tell about your child's intellectual ability.  Therefore, it is necessary that children should be aware of common sense.  General knowledge is necessary not only to get admission in school or to bring good numbers, but also to create a different place in society and to be aware of the country, world, sports world and history.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of every parent to increase the tendency of children towards general knowledge as well.  In this article of Momjunction, we have brought tips and answers to 150 general knowledge questions to increase the general knowledge of the child.

 Let us first know the questions of general knowledge for children from pre-school to first class.

5 tips to increase child's general knowledge

 Ask to read a news paper: Reading newspapers is a good habit.  This keeps us aware of what is happening around and in the country and the world.  Therefore, ask children to read the news paper.  Many general knowledge related questions are also asked in it.  Children can write their answer and check their answer the next day.  This is an interesting way to increase general knowledge.

 Show informative channels on TV: When children are watching television at home, do not let them watch cartoon channels all the time.  Sometimes news channels, sometimes channels related to history and geography, ask the children to watch.  Many channels related to increasing general knowledge also come on TV, show them too.

 Teach general knowledge books: There are many books related to children's general knowledge and history in the market.  Inspire children to read these books.

 Discuss History and Current Affairs: Discuss the topics of your child's level sometimes even at home.  If he is unaware of the current topic or incident in history, then tell him about it and then start talking further.

 Take a trip to historical places: It is also a good way to explain to children about history by rotating them in new places.  This gives a good grip on their history and general questions related to it.

 To increase the general knowledge of the child, along with these tips, keep the discipline of studies as well. If the child is disciplined, read the questions and answers related to these general knowledge daily and also study other books, then gradually his general  Knowledge will increase significantly.  You can also share this article with your friends and colleagues, so that they too can know the general knowledge-raising questions and answers.

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