Saturday, September 26, 2020

GCERT dwara prasarit Ek Kadam Aagal

 GCERT dwara prasarit Ek Kadam Aagal

Mein topic

The first school of any person is his family, and the mother is called the first guru.  Education is the weapon with the help of which one can face the greatest difficulties.  It is education that shows us the difference between right and wrong.  Many essays have been written on education, will be written further.  Its importance can be gauged from this, no one-time bread is available.  But education must be provided.  Getting education is the right of every living being.

Education is an important tool, which is very useful in everyone's life.  Education is what separates us from other living beings on earth.  It makes man the smartest creature on earth.  It empowers humans and prepares them to face life's challenges efficiently.

What is education?

 The word education is derived from the Sanskrit ‘Shiksha’ metal, meaning to teach or teach.  That is, the process by which learning and teaching takes place is called education.

  Different definitions of education

According to the Gita, "Sa vidya vimukte".  That is, education or learning is what frees us from the shackles and extends us on every aspect.

  driven by the narrow aim of passing the exam, has become a source of employment as soon as possible, which is being shared in a difficult and foreign language.  Because of this, we have pushed the rules, definitions, facts and ideas towards rote since childhood.  It neither gives us time nor inspires us so that we can stop and think and imbibe the learned. "

 According to Mahatma Gandhi, "true education is that which inspires and inspires the spiritual, intellectual and physical aspects of children."  In this way we can say in essence that according to him education meant all round development. "


 There is a need to spread educational awareness in the country to make education accessible.  But, it is incomplete without analyzing the importance of education.

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