Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Demand to give mass promotion to students from play group to standard 8 this year


Demand to give mass promotion to students from play group to standard 8 this year

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Any student, whether he studies in class 5th, whether in class 10th or in a coaching institute for the preparation of a competitive examination, everyone gets homework.  All students think that homework only wastes their time.  Students consider it a burden to complete homework.  Some questions or thoughts related to homework that come in every student's mind.

 "Is it important to do homework?"

 "What are the benefits of homework?"

 "I can't do self study because of homework"

 "Let's get someone else to do homework" and there may be a lot of similar questions

Today we are going to tell the students the benefits of homework in this article, knowing that the students will know about the importance of homework and then students will do homework seriously.

 1. Find out the learning ability of students:

 Sometimes after teaching a topic by the teachers in the class, the students say that they understood that topic very well and when there is a homework check based on the topic taught the next day, the teachers easily understand that the students understand the topic  Did not come, so that the teachers find a new way to explain the topic and explain the topic to the student.

2. Time management and priority skills increase:

 Out of 24 hours of students, 7-10 hours go to school and coaching institute.  Due to which they have very limited time.  During homework, students learn about the skills of prioritizing things.  With this, students learn about new ways to increase the productivity of work, which also improves their time management skills.

 3. Problem Solving Skills Increase:

 When students do homework at home, they make every effort to complete it, whether it is to seek help from the internet or from their parents.  This increases the problem solving skills of the students and they easily solve any problem in their life.

 4. The concentration of students in the class increases:

 When the teacher reads a topic to the students in the class, the students feel that this topic will be very easy, due to which the students do not read the topic carefully, but when the teachers give the students homework based on that topic and then the students  If they find it difficult to complete that homework, then they understand how important it is to listen to the teacher in the classroom, so in this way the students realize their responsibility.  Students also get an idea of ​​how hard teachers have to work while making notes to explain the topic well.  So we (students) should not waste the teacher's hard work and our time,

5. Parents are able to monitor their children's studies:

 When a student goes to their parents for help in homework, they know easily how their child is in studies and where he is facing more difficulty in studying.  By which parents can go to the coaching institute or school and talk to the teacher regarding the level of education and help in improving the way their children are studying.

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