Monday, September 21, 2020

Class 2 Gujarati practice book

 Class 2 Gujarati  practice book

Man topic

We have always heard that school life is the best life, as long as you are in school, live life happily.  As long as you are in school, you can make many mistakes, etc. There are many such phrases which tell the elder children, then they feel that this is being magnified.

 But as school life ends and people enter the real world, they realize how right the elders were.  They will remember these days very much in life and when they grow up they will not be able to enjoy such a carefree life.  If the school life is well done then it keeps on remembering its whole life.

 Other information

It was a normal day at school until the incident occurred.  It was about leisure time when I used to play football with my classmates.  suddenly a boy named Stephen Francis, who was the captain of our school's football team, kicked my exact Liverpool FC soccer ball out of the school campus, just behind our school grounds  It was in a narrow street.  


 The walls of our school were a bit high and like every other school it was strictly forbidden to go off campus.  We partially climbed the wall so that we could keep an eye on the ball and wait for someone to pass by so we could ask him to return his ball.

 When someone reached there, we had to wait for a long time.  He was far enough away but he saw the ball and went towards it.  We saw that he tried to run away with the ball.  So, without thinking, I and my friend jumped on the school wall, but by the time we could catch him, he had already run with the football.

 We started running after him and my friend collided with the bike and was badly injured.  I left my football worry and started looking at a friend.  He got three stitches from that injury. 


 Every stage in a person's life has special importance because it helps in developing his personality.  But he can never learn as much as his school life because that is the time when we are doing everything for the first time.

 This is the time when we can make a mistake and we do not face any problem.  We do not care much for the people around and are eager to try everything.  

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