Sunday, September 20, 2020

Car loan calculator

 Car loan calculator

How can you take a car loan?

 Previously, buying a car was a big deal for anyone, because for this a huge amount of money had to be spent,

 Earlier, buying a car was a big thing for anyone, because it had to spend a lump sum, but now it is very easy due to the easy availability of a car loan.

Whether or not you are eligible for a car loan, it can be easily checked.  Are you eligible?  So how much loan you can get can also be easily known.  So let's first know about the eligibility of a car loan, who can get a car loan and what is its criterion.

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Who can get a car loan?

 Different banks and lending companies have their own terms and conditions regarding car loans.  And, according to them, she gives a car loan.  According to the information available on, the age of the car loan taker should be at least 18 years and maximum 75 years.  The monthly minimum income of the borrower should be Rs 10,000.  Apart from this, it is mandatory for the borrower to stay on his current residence for more than one year.

 This is a general information on  Apart from this, all banks have their own separate eligibility criterias, on the basis of that they give car loans.  However, the eligibility criterion of most banks and car loan companies is contained in the information given above.

 How much loan can I get?

 How much loan can I get?  It does not have a strong parameter.  It depends on the policy of banks and loan companies that how much loan to give to any customer.  Apart from this, banks and lending companies also have a tieup with the car companies, that also determines the loan limit.  As an example, let us tell you that up to 100% finance is being given on the on-road price of Hyundai Santro at this time.  However, finance up to 70-90 per cent (at ex-showroom price) is usually done.

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