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Today's education news 27-8-2020

Today's education news 27-8-2020

The present age is the era of science.  By the grace of science such a means of transport has become such that the whole country has shrunk to a big city forest and the remote nations have become our neighbors.
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 In such a situation, there is a strong desire to get information about the daily activities of our neighbors.  Newspapers help us fulfill this wish.

 The invention of the printing device has given special significance in the promotion of Dunke.  Therefore, in the present era, newspapers have become a major part of our life.



 We have become so used to it that as soon as we wake up in the morning we get restless to read it.  There are mainly two means of receiving news.  In almost all the countries of the world, there are some news agencies disciplined by the government, which keeps sending news to newspapers in all the countries of the world.  Teleprinter is used for this work.  This device provides instant news.

 In addition, each newspaper has its own paid correspondents in the country and abroad.  They send news by fax.  In the morning, the hawker who delivers the newspaper delivers the desired newspaper to our house.

 Newspaper publishing is an independent business.  A person takes out a local newspaper emanating from the metropolis with his capital, but big companies publish big newspapers.  Many departments and employees work under them.  There is a Editor in Chief for editing news.





 His department is called Editorial Department.  There are several sub-editors to assist the editor-in-chief.  In addition to the editorial department, there are also sales department, advertising department, correspondence department, printing and compositing department etc.  All these departments work in mutual cooperation.

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 There are many benefits from newspapers.  From them we get news of all areas of the country and abroad sitting at home every day.  They increase our knowledge and we learn a lot from them.  By presenting the burning problems of the world to us, they give us an opportunity to think about them.  These are popular means of advertisement of merchandise.  If a businessman wants to increase the consumption of his goods, he takes shelter of the newspaper.


 The government also gives the newspaper the means to propagate its orders.  Thus, there is a constant contact between the ruler and the public.  If a burning political problem arises in the country or abroad, then we get the views of the politicians and the public through the newspaper.



 Newspapers are critical of governance policy and keep the public alert about it.  He appeals for redress of the sufferings and hardships of the common people by putting them before the government.  They thus establish a solid relationship between the two by becoming the ruler and the arbiter of the governed.

 There are also some losses from newspapers.  Leaders of various political parties keep propagating untruths through newspapers for the benefit of their party.  This misleads the public and hurts national unity.  Sometimes newspapers publish false news and create a stir against the regime.  Sometimes traders cheat the public by undesirable appreciation of their goods.

 By printing erotic advertisements and pornographic images, the newspapers spoil the character of the public.  They also do not miss out on promoting enmity between different sects, political parties, castes and social institutions.  They have a big hand in instigating communal riots.  Notwithstanding these qualities and fortifications, the newspaper has its own importance in the democratic era.

 Newspapers are vigilant sentinels of independent countries.  His main aim is to create a healthy public opinion for each burning problem of the country and to connect the whole world in a series of unity.  In fulfillment of this goal, newspapers are helpful, the head of the country is higher than them.

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