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Standard 6 to 8 online training model science

Standard 6 to 8 online training model science

Science and technology have inspired us to establish modern civilization.  people get a chance to enjoy these results, which make our life more relaxed and enjoyable.

 Science and technology benefits

 If we think about it, science and technology have many benefits.  They range from small things to big ones.  For example, the morning paper we read, which gives us reliable information, is the result of scientific progress.  Furthermore, electrical appliances without which it is difficult to imagine life such as refrigerators, , microwaves, etc. are the result of advanced technological advances.

 Furthermore, if we look at the transport scenario, we see that science and technology also play a major role here.  We can reach another part of the Earth faster, all are the result of advanced form of technology.

 In addition, science and technology have enabled humans to see beyond our planet.  The discovery of new planets and the installation of satellites in space has been possible only to a large extent due to science.

 Similarly, science and technology have also impacted the medical and agricultural sectors.  Various treatments being searched for diseases have saved the lives of millions through science.  In addition, technology has enhanced the production of various crops benefiting farmers in a big way.

 Leading scientist in science

 Finally, many scientists like Thomas Edison, Sir Isaac Newton were born in this world.  They have made big inventions.  Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.  If they had not invented this, today the whole world would have been in darkness.  Because of this Thomas Edison's name became recorded in history.

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 Another famous scientist was Sir Isaac Newton.  Sir Isaac Newton told us about gravity.  With its help, we were able to discover many other theories.

Standard 6 to 8 online training model science


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 The scientist in India was Abdul Kalam.  He contributed a lot to our space research and defense forces.  He made many advanced missiles.  These scientists did great work and we will always remember them.

 Taking very commendable steps in this sequence, Scientist K.K.  Under Siwan's leadership, India launched its vehicle on the moon under Chandrayaan-2 mission in the first attempt itself.  Since we did not get success in this, but it proved to be a huge achievement for India.


 Actually, our very existence now depends on science.  Every day new technologies are coming in which are making human life easier and more comfortable.

 Subsequently, science and technology has assisted in advancing various fields including mathematics, astrophysics, space technology, nuclear power and more.  Some of the best examples of these developments are railway systems, smartphones, metro systems, etc.

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