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September months Standard 1 to 12 home learning time table

September  months Standard 1 to 12 home learning time table

However, Seshagiri, an education expert associated with UNICEF, has a different view on this.  They consider studying during the holidays as important but see the current structure of online classes as pressure on children and competition of private schools.

 Seshagiri says, "There is no need to put so much pressure on the child.  Anyway, when the schools were closed, the last session was almost complete and the examinations were going on.  Now, if a new session is to be started, it can be taught when the school opens.  "

 “This existing structure of online classes has not been properly considered.  As such, the slabs covered during this time will not be repeated further.  Now think of the children who could not take classes during this time.  In private schools itself, a large number of children from economically weaker sections (EWS), who are unable to pay fees, will bring expensive mobiles, laptops and internet from where.  In a way, you are taking away the right to education from those children. "
September  months Standard 1 to 12 home learning time table

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 They say that it seems that they have been started without analyzing the relevance and reach of online classes.  Like there is a race to show parents and increase their school number.

 However, Seshagiri does not even consider the use of online platforms completely wrong.  They say that it is not right to keep the child away from studies for so long.  In such a situation, classes should be accompanied by short and interesting content so that children can learn some good things.  Those who do not have the facility of mobile and internet, should be provided the reading material through radio, TV, anganwadi.
How safe are the eyes of the child due to excessive use of phones and laptops, the number of his glasses will not increase, such questions are bound to come in the minds of any parents.

 However, Sanjay Dhawan, an eye specialist at Max Hospital, clearly says that looking at the screen does not affect the vision of the child.

 Then the 15 minute break that the children get after every class is very good.  This will give the child a chance to rest. "

 However, Dr. Dhawan also says that looking at the screen definitely causes eye strain, which can cause problems like watery eyes, dryness, burning sensation, redness in the eyes.  It is important to pay attention to these problems.  Children can be saved from these problems by following some precautions.

 Tell the child to close the eyes for one minute at an interval of every 15 minutes.  This will give relief to the eyes.

 · If the screen is large then it will be better for the eyes.  Use laptop instead of mobile.  If using mobile, then its size should be bigger.

 · Keep baby's posture perfectly right.  The level of the screen and the child's eyes should be on par.  Keep the back and head straight.

 Keep the screen two feet away from the child.

 After class, reduce the time to watch TV and use mobile so that its screen time does not increase too much.

 Dr. Sanjay Dhawan says that this is a difficult time and there will be some difficulties at this time.  It is better not to study, otherwise there should be some education, otherwise children will spend time in TV, mobile and video games, which will not be of any benefit.

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