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Primary School Mahekam Image

Primary School Mahekam Image

How to calculate McCormick as of August 31st
 The Government of Gujarat has called for the number of primary teachers in primary education as on 31st August. If there is a year or a vacancy, the research is done accordingly so that the teachers can go to their favorite place and get themselves in a good place.  The establishment of 31st August is very much required for the recruitment of new recruits as it is required by the Director.

School i.e. a school or house of learning.  A place where education is imparted through teaching and learning.

 School vision

 The school's tradition is not new.  Our country has been a source of knowledge for centuries.  We have had a Gurukul tradition since time immemorial.  The great king Maharaja also left his royalty and used to go to Gurukul for the attainment of knowledge.  Even Lord Krishna and Shri Ram, the incarnations of God, went to the Gurukul Ashram to study.  Guru's place is higher than God, taught the world like this.

 School role

 The most important time of life is our childhood.  This is the time when we live only for ourselves.  Make friends  Laugh with friends, cry.  Experience the real joy of life.  Our school is with us in all these moments of happiness.

 Sometimes our teachers become closer than our parents.  We are ready to hold and maintain at every step.  Due to fear of parents, many children tell their problems to their teachers only.  Only the teacher shows the correct way of life of the student.

 The conclusion

 Schools are both public and private.  Nowadays such people have become convinced that only private schools are taught.  This assumption is incorrect.  The same school is availed by many schools.  Every parent wants to give best education to their children.  But not everyone's status is enough to fill the hefty fees of these schools.

Primary School Mahekam Image

2019 mujab uparnu latest

 Nowadays, education has been commercialized.  Everyone is only trying to fill their pockets.  No one is worried about the future of children.  The level of education is falling day by day.  School is the way from which the future of the country is created.  The government has made many rules in this regard.  But the general public has to follow.

My school name is Higher Secondary School.  The campus of my school is quite large.  My school has four buildings of two floors each.  There are big trees all around it.  It has more than fifty rooms.  Each room has large windows and two doors.  There are three big playgrounds.  There is also a basketball-court adjacent to it.

 Our school has more than fifty teachers.  All are very cordial and accommodating.  Help the children in every way possible.

 School features

 The National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF 2005) and the Right to Education 2009 (RTE 2009) set certain standards, according to which the school's structure and environment should be.  The National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF 2005) has taken important steps to promote the level of education in India.  Which are also proven very effective.  The RTE 2009 has stated the special and important role of the school in the overall development of students.  It is the responsibility of the school to take care of every small and big needs of the children.

 According to the standard some features are as follows-

 Should be a quiet environment.

 Should be trend teachers.

 The school should excel in board examinations.

 Regular home work should be given.

 Continuous evaluation method should be adopted for evaluation of students.

 There should be a library and reading room for self-study.

 Extra-curricular activity should be emphasized.

 Competitive examinations should be arranged in various subjects

 The rooms should be large and airy for teaching.

 As per the instructions of CBSE, grading system has been implemented in place of marks in class 9 and 10 also from the session 2009-2010, which should be followed.

 There should be proper arrangement of soft drinking water.

 Proper toilets should be provided.

 There should be proper arrangement for physical, yoga, dance and music education.

 Debate competition etc. should be organized for student interactions and mental development.

 The school's annual magazine should be published, which should mention meritorious children from every field.

 All classrooms should have a smart classroom system.

 Type of school

 From childhood until we grew up, we studied in different schools.  Schools also have many types, such as

 Anganwadi - In Anganwadi, it is usually taught to young children to sit and do other basic things.

 Primary School - Primary school has one to five classes.

 Secondary School - In this system, education from first to eighth is imparted.  Sometimes this class is from six to eight as well.

 Higher Secondary School - Education up to twelfth is edited here.

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