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Most Useful site with useful picture and grammar for standard 1 to 12

 Most Useful  site with useful picture and grammar for standard 1 to 12.

Each person performs a variety of tasks according to himself.  The student studies, the farmer works in the fields, the teachers provide education, etc.  But in addition to these daily tasks, we do some things that give us pleasure.


 These tasks done for the purpose of voluntary gain and voluntarily are called our hobbies.  Having a hobby or hobby brings excitement and excitement in our lives.  Many people have their own special hobbies.

 Hobbies like flying kites, swimming, swimming, playing chess, cricket etc. make us happy and provide inspiration to get ahead in life.  My favorite hobby is painting.  Whenever I have my mind, I sit down with a pencil.

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 The natural scenery attracts me a lot, I try to put it on paper.  One day after seeing my hobby, my father gave me a brush and a cloth.  Then what was my child's heart got excited.  I made a lot of pictures.

 I displayed these pictures in school on the occasion of Children's Day.  Many people praised my art.  Then I started participating in painting competition in various places.  I received the first prize twice.

 Apart from painting, I also love kite flying.  I enjoy seeing colorful kites in the sky.  When I bite the kite of others with my kite, there is a feeling of victory.  I also feel that my kite flew at the highest height.

 But this hobby of mine sometimes puts my family in trouble.  The reason is that I often forget to eat and drink to the tune of flying a kite.  Then I have to send someone to the family and call me.  Many times one has to listen to the rebuke of the father, but hobby is a hobby.
A few days later, kite flying started again!  I am also very fond of traveling.  Whenever I get an opportunity, I travel with my family to some scenic spot.  I keep celebrating mom and dad from time to time to make a trip.

 Whenever there is a program for a walk or picnic on behalf of the school, I am definitely involved in it.  I love natural places more than religious and historical places.  Waterfalls, multi-purpose dams, wildlife sanctuaries, lakes, lakes, hill stations, plains etc. attract me a lot.

Most Useful  site with useful picture and grammar for standard 1 to 12.

 There are many benefits of traveling or tourism.  With this we get opportunities to learn.  Along with entertainment, there is enlightenment.  Nature is also good for our health.  Beautiful landscapes infuse hope into our mind.

 From these we also get an opportunity to look into the life of various animals and birds.  Everyone must have some hobby.  Various hobbies end the monotony of our life and generate excitement and enthusiasm in us.  Hobbies help us instill creativity.  These are the best companions of our free time.

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