Sunday, August 30, 2020

Districts are selected for online entry of the unit test.

Districts are selected for online entry of the unit test.

Districts Name

1. Anand

 2. Banaskantha

 3. Junagadh

 4. Navsari

 5. Kheda

 6. Aravalli

 7. Mehsana

 8. Patan

 9. Chhota Udepur

 10. Valsad

 11. Bhavnagar

 12. Porbandar

It was decided by the Education Department to conduct unit tests in all government schools as soon as the new session starts.  Due to this, for the first time unit test is being started from July 20.

  Exams under S-One and S-Two were being held for a long time, but this time the department is taking unit tests on the lines of private schools in government schools.  The datesheet from first to eighth class has been released by SCEART.  SCEART Director Inderjit Singh has issued written instructions to all District Education Officers Secondary / Elementary, stating that tests will be taken from July 20 to 26.  The examination will be from 8 am to 9.30 am.  After the exams, the students will look like class.  Third, Chaithi, fifth and eighth class question papers will be sent by the main office at the block level and from the block level the question papers will be sent to the CMT / BMT / DM / BM schools.  Checking of these papers will be done by the teacher at the school level and its marks will be uploaded by the Punjab Teach Punjab team on the portal.

 Paper-checking teachers will do at school level, the test numbers will be uploaded on the marks portal

 Third, there will be a paper-cum-answerbook for Chaithi and fifth class.  For this, there will be space available to answer on the question-cum-answer book only.  The school will provide answer book to solve the question papers of class 6, 7 and 8.  This will test the students' copies, test copies.  Teachers and datesheets will prepare teachers at school level for 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th class tests.  Punjab team will send soft copy of question paper of 6th and 7th class.

 Unit test will be taken every two months

 District Education Officer Engineer Amarjeet Singh said that these unit tests will be taken after every two months, April and May tests are being taken in the month of July.  He said that earlier S-One and SA-Two used to take the exam after 6 months, now it will be taken after 2 months.  The children will now take the exam with a read syllabus of 2 months.

Districts are selected for online entry of the unit test.

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 The system will be installed in these schools. Government Model Senior Secondary School Civil Line, Government High School Kheda Gajju, Government Senior Secondary Smart School Fielkhana, Bahadurgarh, Devigarh, Kalyan, Dakala, Kularan, Samana, Balbheda, Masingan, Tepla, Siena, Wazidpur,  Lahee Symbli, Mansurpur, Aranay, Kakrala, Kulburchan, Government Multipurpose Senior Secondary School Pasi Raid, Tripadi, Maiden Town, Government Senior Secondary School Old Police Line, Bhadsain, Rajpura, Ghanair, Mahinderganj, Ghagga, Patdan, Sanaire, Nandpur Keshen  , Teipur, Dhingi, Dhanetha, Taderpur, Shambhu Kalan, Karamgarh, Badshahpur, Bibipur, Alavel, Lang, Kaili, among others.

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