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Corona Gujarat update 27-8-2020

Corona Gujarat update 27-8-2020

The Gujarat government has announced that screening, monitoring and testing of people will go to every door in the state.

 There were 1321 tests in the state on 30 March and 40,616 tests were done in the state till 23 April.  Jayanthi Ravi, Principal Secretary, Gujarat Health Department, said that the cases in Ahmedabad have also increased because the testing has been increased in areas with hotspots and curfews.  According to Jayanthi Ravi, 447.81 people were tested in Gujarat till April 19 in Gujarat, whereas in India, an average of only 269 people were tested per lakh people.  Compared to other parts of the country, more tests are being done in Gujarat.

 According to Jayanthi Ravi, 19 cases of infection per million people have been reported in Gujarat, while 30 cases have been reported in Telangana, 28 in Maharashtra, 20 in Uttar Pradesh, 19 in Tamil Nadu and 91 in Corona in Delhi.

 According to Jayanti Ravi, it cannot be said by looking at these figures that more cases are being seen in Gujarat.  15 places in Ahmedabad, Surat, Bhavnagar and Vadodara of Gujarat have been identified as hotspots, out of which eight places in Ahmedabad have been identified as hotspots.  Cluster has been quarantined in 16 areas including Ahmedabad's Kot, meaning curfew has been imposed.

 So far, more than 1600 cases of corona infection have been reported in Ahmedabad, in which most of the coats are from the area.  Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation says that it is actively working to find out new cases.
Apart from Ahmedabad, large clusters have been proved in Surat and Vadodara, from where most new infections have emerged.  Surat is the second largest city in Gujarat by Corona infection.  As of 15 April, there were 61 infected patients, which increased to 445 by 23 April.

Corona Gujarat update 27-8-2020

 On March 24, there were only six cases of corona infection in Surat.  In Surat, 10 areas have been declared clusters in terms of corona infection, where people have been asked to be quarantined in their homes.  According to the administration, the density of population in Surat is very high, so the risk of spreading the infection is very high here.

 There were three cases of corona infection in Vadodara on 20 March which increased to 217 on 23 April.  The highest number of cases have been reported in the northern area of ​​the city.  The local administration is sampling in the cluster segment by dividing Vadodara into Red, Orange, Yellow and Green zones to find out new cases.

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