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Standard 1 to 5 Learn internal assessment at home

Standard 1 to 5 Learn internal assessment at home

Candidates with B.Ed degree can also become teachers in classes 1 to 5.  Postponed its 17 December 2019 order giving priority to 2-year-old DLAid candidates for these classes.  In this regard, Education Department Deputy Secretary Arshad Feroz issued a notification on Wednesday.

 It was stayed by the High Court seeking answers on giving priority to the DLADs.  The departmental officer says that the department in the High Court will present its case on the matter.  The withdrawal of priority order by DLAD candidates by the Education Department will not create separate list of candidates having B.Ed and D.L.Ed in the planning units.  Earlier, the department had ordered all the districts to hold 2-year-old D.El.D in the post of teachers in classes 1 to 5.  B.Ed candidates will be considered only if the DLED candidate is not found.

 The department took this decision to continue the restoration process of 90763 elementary teachers in 71 thousand elementary schools.  In December 2019, the Department of Education will also present its case in the court for giving opportunity to the candidates who have passed the 18 month DLED CTET from NIOS.  The department argues that planning started in July 2019.  How can they be given a chance in such a situation?  However, the department will take a final decision in this regard.  Applications are being received from NIOS from 15 June to 14 July for the candidates who have passed the DLAd for 18 months.

 Planning schedule

 Date of application - 15 June to 14 July

 Preparation of merit list by July 18

 Approval of merit list by planning unit till 21 July

 Publication of merit list till July 23

 Objection to merit list from 24 July to 7 August

 Disposal of objections by 10 August

 Final publication of merit list by 12 August

 Approval of merit list by district from August 13 to August 22

 Publication of merit list by 25 August

 Construction of counseling and selection list on 28 August

 Employment letter to selected candidates by 31 August 2020

 Teacher vacancy in elementary schools
 Darbhanga has the highest at 8244.  Shivhar has the least vacant 337 posts.  There are 2012 vacancies in Muzaffarpur 4806, Gaya 2502, Patna 2272 and Bhagalpur.  There are 46870 vacancies in general subjects for classes up to class 5.  Vacancy of 14662 posts of Urdu teachers and 135 of Bengali has been given.  For classes 6 to 8, 6919, Hindi 5734, Sanskrit 4499, English 3687, Urdu 2739 and 2536 teachers in social sciences are to be appointed in mathematics and science subjects.
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September months Standard 1 to 12 home learning time table

September  months Standard 1 to 12 home learning time table

However, Seshagiri, an education expert associated with UNICEF, has a different view on this.  They consider studying during the holidays as important but see the current structure of online classes as pressure on children and competition of private schools.

 Seshagiri says, "There is no need to put so much pressure on the child.  Anyway, when the schools were closed, the last session was almost complete and the examinations were going on.  Now, if a new session is to be started, it can be taught when the school opens.  "

 “This existing structure of online classes has not been properly considered.  As such, the slabs covered during this time will not be repeated further.  Now think of the children who could not take classes during this time.  In private schools itself, a large number of children from economically weaker sections (EWS), who are unable to pay fees, will bring expensive mobiles, laptops and internet from where.  In a way, you are taking away the right to education from those children. "
September  months Standard 1 to 12 home learning time table

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 They say that it seems that they have been started without analyzing the relevance and reach of online classes.  Like there is a race to show parents and increase their school number.

 However, Seshagiri does not even consider the use of online platforms completely wrong.  They say that it is not right to keep the child away from studies for so long.  In such a situation, classes should be accompanied by short and interesting content so that children can learn some good things.  Those who do not have the facility of mobile and internet, should be provided the reading material through radio, TV, anganwadi.
How safe are the eyes of the child due to excessive use of phones and laptops, the number of his glasses will not increase, such questions are bound to come in the minds of any parents.

 However, Sanjay Dhawan, an eye specialist at Max Hospital, clearly says that looking at the screen does not affect the vision of the child.

 Then the 15 minute break that the children get after every class is very good.  This will give the child a chance to rest. "

 However, Dr. Dhawan also says that looking at the screen definitely causes eye strain, which can cause problems like watery eyes, dryness, burning sensation, redness in the eyes.  It is important to pay attention to these problems.  Children can be saved from these problems by following some precautions.

 Tell the child to close the eyes for one minute at an interval of every 15 minutes.  This will give relief to the eyes.

 · If the screen is large then it will be better for the eyes.  Use laptop instead of mobile.  If using mobile, then its size should be bigger.

 · Keep baby's posture perfectly right.  The level of the screen and the child's eyes should be on par.  Keep the back and head straight.

 Keep the screen two feet away from the child.

 After class, reduce the time to watch TV and use mobile so that its screen time does not increase too much.

 Dr. Sanjay Dhawan says that this is a difficult time and there will be some difficulties at this time.  It is better not to study, otherwise there should be some education, otherwise children will spend time in TV, mobile and video games, which will not be of any benefit.
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The central government's order on early retirement has sent shockwaves through 49 lakh employees

The central government's order on early retirement has sent shockwaves through 49 lakh employees

The central government is going to reduce the retirement age of its officers and employees.  Although the proposal has been prepared now, the retirement age will be decided in two ways.

  This decision of the government will have the most impact on the security forces.  Since military and other security forces join on average around 22 years, their 33 years of service will be completed in 55 years

Interruption in promotion of juniors

 Sources reveal that after 32 years of service there is no major financial change in the salary category of an officer or employee, but when they work for sixty years their promotion of juniors starts to get hampered.

 At the same time, if new opportunities for promotion are created, the path of new jobs will also be paved.  In this way, the problem of backlog will also go away.  The scheme covers all categories of jobs from IAS, IPS to Central Government.

 The court said that the age of retirement should be one

 On January 31 this year, the Delhi High Court gave this ruling while hearing the petition of a retired officer Dev Sharma.  In which it was said that the Home Ministry should decide in four months that the retirement age should be the same in all ranks in all the Central Armed Police Forces.  So far, soldiers below the commandant in the Central Reserve Police Force 'CRPF', Indo-Tibetan Border Police 'ITBP', Border Security Force 'BSF' and Sashastra Seema Bal 'SSB' retire at the age of 57 years.

 The retirement age of officers of the rank of DIG and above is 60 years.  All ranks in the Central Industrial Security Force and Assam Rifles retire after completing 60 years of age.

The central government's order on early retirement has sent shockwaves through 49 lakh employees





 Retirement age is different

 In West Bengal, the retirement age of 65 years has been fixed for medical teacher, 62 years for doctor and 60 years for other posts.  For all posts, 60 in Andhra Pradesh, 60 in Tripura, 60 in Karnataka, 60 in Assam, 60 in Bihar, 60 in Meghalaya, 60 in Madhya Pradesh, 60 in Chhattisgarh, 60 in Nagaland, 60 in Gujarat, 60 in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh.  60 and in Sikkim retire at the age of 60 years.

 Employees or officers retire at the age of 58 in Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Arunachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Jammu Kashmir, Mizoram, Manipur, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Orissa.  The retirement age in Jharkhand and Kerala was kept at 56 years.  However, in many states, the retirement age has been decreasing.  Apart from this, provision for different retirement ages has also been made for different posts.  For example, in Haryana, the retirement age of technical personnel has been reduced to 60 years.  The retirement age of doctors has also been increased.
At the same time, the government argues on this decision that it is not a new initiative, it has been mentioned in the Seventh Pay Commission.  If this scheme of retirement is implemented, the backlog problem will go away.  The path of new recruits will be opened and the workers who were complaining about not getting promotion on time will also be able to get away.  DoPT sources say that work has started on this proposal.
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Districts are selected for online entry of the unit test.

Districts are selected for online entry of the unit test.

Districts Name

1. Anand

 2. Banaskantha

 3. Junagadh

 4. Navsari

 5. Kheda

 6. Aravalli

 7. Mehsana

 8. Patan

 9. Chhota Udepur

 10. Valsad

 11. Bhavnagar

 12. Porbandar

It was decided by the Education Department to conduct unit tests in all government schools as soon as the new session starts.  Due to this, for the first time unit test is being started from July 20.

  Exams under S-One and S-Two were being held for a long time, but this time the department is taking unit tests on the lines of private schools in government schools.  The datesheet from first to eighth class has been released by SCEART.  SCEART Director Inderjit Singh has issued written instructions to all District Education Officers Secondary / Elementary, stating that tests will be taken from July 20 to 26.  The examination will be from 8 am to 9.30 am.  After the exams, the students will look like class.  Third, Chaithi, fifth and eighth class question papers will be sent by the main office at the block level and from the block level the question papers will be sent to the CMT / BMT / DM / BM schools.  Checking of these papers will be done by the teacher at the school level and its marks will be uploaded by the Punjab Teach Punjab team on the portal.

 Paper-checking teachers will do at school level, the test numbers will be uploaded on the marks portal

 Third, there will be a paper-cum-answerbook for Chaithi and fifth class.  For this, there will be space available to answer on the question-cum-answer book only.  The school will provide answer book to solve the question papers of class 6, 7 and 8.  This will test the students' copies, test copies.  Teachers and datesheets will prepare teachers at school level for 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th class tests.  Punjab team will send soft copy of question paper of 6th and 7th class.

 Unit test will be taken every two months

 District Education Officer Engineer Amarjeet Singh said that these unit tests will be taken after every two months, April and May tests are being taken in the month of July.  He said that earlier S-One and SA-Two used to take the exam after 6 months, now it will be taken after 2 months.  The children will now take the exam with a read syllabus of 2 months.

Districts are selected for online entry of the unit test.

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 Download SARAL Data Application

 Download New Official PDF : From Here

 Watch Official Video : From Here 

 Download Pdf : From Here

 The system will be installed in these schools. Government Model Senior Secondary School Civil Line, Government High School Kheda Gajju, Government Senior Secondary Smart School Fielkhana, Bahadurgarh, Devigarh, Kalyan, Dakala, Kularan, Samana, Balbheda, Masingan, Tepla, Siena, Wazidpur,  Lahee Symbli, Mansurpur, Aranay, Kakrala, Kulburchan, Government Multipurpose Senior Secondary School Pasi Raid, Tripadi, Maiden Town, Government Senior Secondary School Old Police Line, Bhadsain, Rajpura, Ghanair, Mahinderganj, Ghagga, Patdan, Sanaire, Nandpur Keshen  , Teipur, Dhingi, Dhanetha, Taderpur, Shambhu Kalan, Karamgarh, Badshahpur, Bibipur, Alavel, Lang, Kaili, among others.
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Pragya all material

Pragya all material

Conduct a language survey in your classroom.  Start a conversation with the students about the languages ​​you know - start by stating that you can understand some words, speak or write the language fluently - and explain to them where you acquired this knowledge  Has done, for example, learned from his parents or grandparents, or learned it by living in a particular place, or learned in school.

 Use chart paper and make a big table.  Write your name after the students' names on the left and the list of languages ​​above.  Invite your students to tell which languages ​​they know and make a check mark on the chart.  When the work is complete, place the survey chart on the classroom wall.

 If a student has been absent on the day of the survey, when he comes back, update him about the chart.  Make provision for additional rows at the bottom for any new student admitted to the class during the year.  You might want to conduct a survey with the headmaster and other staff members and include that information as well.

 Depending on the age of your student, you can make this survey more detailed by considering whether they understand, speak, read or write the given languages.
Discriminatory perceptions of low-status castes may cause some students to disagree about knowing certain languages ​​related to these communities.  Be reluctant to show.  Therefore, in this activity it is important to emphasize positively that knowledge of different languages ​​and cultures is generally valuable in people's lives and especially for the classroom.  Talk about your own knowledge of minority class languages, even if it is limited or if you want to learn them.

Pragya all material


 The fact that the distinction between languages ​​and dialects is often variable, or the possibility that students are not aware of the names of the languages ​​they speak, is another reason why this type of knowledge  To get accurate information about, things are not always clear.  Therefore, your chart should be seen as a starting point, whose information will be revised from time to time in collaboration with students.

 Case Study 2: Using local language words

 In the following case study, a teacher describes how some of his students were confused by the words used to illustrate the letters on the wall's alphabet chart.

 Most of my students speak Ho language and when they first came to this school, they knew very few Hindi words.  I noticed that some students were mispronouncing the words represented by the pictures given in the Hindi alphabet chart on the classroom wall.  He called 'nayal' (Ho language word for 'plow') instead of 'hal' (Hindi word for 'plow').  When I asked them which letter it was, the students told me that it is 'N', which was the first letter of 'Hull' in Ho language instead of 'H' in Hindi language for 'Hull'.  .
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Sala swachata login video

Sala swachata login video

Cleanliness is very important in the school because it is like a second house and a temple for the student where mother Saraswati, the goddess of learning, resides.  We should always be vigilant about cleanliness.  To increase cleanliness, the Prime Minister of our country, Shri Narendra Modi, has launched the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, under which cleanliness has to be done in our entire country and people have to cooperate in cleanliness also.

 Many ministers, NGOs and ordinary people are associated with this campaign.  This campaign has given a boost to cleanliness in our country.  People of all classes join this campaign and are paying special attention to the cleanliness of their surroundings.

 All schools have also been linked to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, which has been inaugurated by the Minister Smt. Smriti Irani.  Institution is very important in school because it is a special part of our country.  Here, the future generations, who advance our country, read.

 If there is no hygiene in the school itself, then one or the other students will continue to fall ill, which will hamper their studies.  Cleanliness is a very serious subject in schools because it is generally seen that in many schools, special attention is not given to cleanliness.

 The news of many schools keeps appearing in newspaper magazines that many children fell ill due to the food being found there.  It only happens due to carelessness in cleanliness.

 Parents should also visit the school from time to time to see if cleanliness is being taken care of there because education is not possible till there is no cleanliness in the schools.  Although there are employees for cleanliness in the schools, but we students should also cooperate in the cleanliness of the school.

 Let us know that we can do cleanliness in schools in this way-

 Teachers should tell the students about the importance of cleanliness and many competitions should be organized about cleanliness from time to time.

 The importance of cleanliness can be communicated to students through cleanliness through essay writing, poetry, painting, drama and debate competition.

 There should be dyeing and painting work in the schools every year, so that the school looks clean.

 There should be separate toilets for boys and girls in schools and each toilet should be cleaned regularly.

 Water pipes and tanks should be cleaned in the school from time to time because if the water itself is polluted then all the students can fall ill.  The date of cleaning the tank should be marked on the notice board of the school so that the parents can know how much time the tank is being cleaned.

 To make the school environment clean and beautiful, trees and flower gardens should be planted, which will make the school environment fragrant and pollution-free and the students' health will also be good.

 Everyday leaves fall from the trees and plants of the school, which causes garbage to spread, so every day the leaves of the plants should be collected and made from them and put in the plants.  .

 The teachers should periodically check the water coming into the school.

 Pesticide medicine should be sprayed from time to time in the school so that germs and mosquitoes that thrive there can be removed.  If this is not done then many types of diseases can spread.

 All the rooms of the schools should be ventilated so that the students do not feel suffocated and the environment there should also be clean.

Sala swachata login video

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Watch Full Video  : Click Here

 Download Application : From Here

 Every room in the school should have a small garbage donation so that the garbage dump from that classroom can be put in the same dustbin and this will not spread the garbage in the whole school.

 Short grass should be planted in the school grounds so that there is no soil.

 Students should also cooperate in keeping the school clean, they should not spread garbage here and always put it in garbage.

 Students should also stay together and always wear clean costumes which also make them fall sick and go to school everyday.
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Unlock for guidelines

Unlock for guidelines

In the wake of the Kovid-19 pandemic, the Delhi Metro, which has been closed since March 22, has received approval to restore operations from September 7 in a "systematic manner".

The officials gave this information on Saturday.  Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted that he was "delighted" to be allowed to start the Delhi Metro operation in a phased manner from September 7.  The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) said in a statement, "Delhi Metro will resume its services to the people in a sequential manner from September 7 as per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs under Unlock-Four".

 The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) said in a statement, "Delhi Metro will resume its services to the people in a sequential manner from September 7 as per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs under unlock-four".  Officials said that after the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs issued a detailed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in the next few days, detailed information about the working of the metro and its use by the general public will be shared.

Unlock for guidelines

Explain that the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued guidelines for Unlock-4.  Under this, Metro Rail will be allowed to operate in a phased manner from September 7.  According to the guideline issued for unlock-4 by the Ministry of Home Affairs, social, political, religious programs will be allowed from September 21 with a maximum limit of 100 persons.
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Ghare Shikhiye mulyankan video

Ghare Shikhiye mulyankan video

It is good to concentrate fully in studies and writing and work hard.  But by doing everything you will get success, it is not necessary every time.  This is the reason why some special indications have been made about this in our theology, so that there are no obstacles in getting success.
It is good to concentrate fully in studies and writing and work hard.  But by doing everything you will get success, it is not necessary every time.  This is the reason that some special indications have been made about this in our theology, so that there are no obstacles in getting success.

 In such a situation, it is appropriate to take care of some special things while reading and writing.  Similar things have been discussed further ...

 1. Read in the east direction
 Place the study table in the study room in such a way that your face will be towards east.  It is believed that it gives more positive energy.  Sun is considered a deity.  It is the biggest source of energy.  During the study, there should be plenty of light in the room, so that the eyes do not suffer much.  Probably for these reasons, it is considered better to study towards the east.

 2. Do not lie down, study while sitting
 Many times students study only lying on the bed instead of table-chair due to laziness.  If you have to read and write such things, which have nothing to do with the exam, then it is fine.  But if things are related to the course, then read it on the table and chair.  It is believed that when the human body is perpendicular, the brain is more active and things are remembered more.  Reading like a chameleon is not considered appropriate.

 3. Do not turn the pages with the bare hands
 Do not touch the book-copy etc. with your hands while studying.  Do not keep any food and drink on the table.  If you want to eat something, get up, eat and then wash your hands and start studying.

Ghare Shikhiye mulyankan video

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 Watch Video : From Here

 4. Avoid studying in the evening
 Studying in the late evening should be avoided, that is, when the day is falling and gradually it is going to be night.  It has been called 'Twilight Bella' in the scriptures.  This is the time when the cows graze from outside and return to their habitat.

 5. Do not move your head or feet while remembering
 Some students have a habit of repeatedly shaking their head or feet while remembering something.  It is not right to do so.  While keeping the mind calm while reading, the body should also be stable.
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Most Useful site with useful picture and grammar for standard 1 to 12

 Most Useful  site with useful picture and grammar for standard 1 to 12.

Each person performs a variety of tasks according to himself.  The student studies, the farmer works in the fields, the teachers provide education, etc.  But in addition to these daily tasks, we do some things that give us pleasure.


 These tasks done for the purpose of voluntary gain and voluntarily are called our hobbies.  Having a hobby or hobby brings excitement and excitement in our lives.  Many people have their own special hobbies.

 Hobbies like flying kites, swimming, swimming, playing chess, cricket etc. make us happy and provide inspiration to get ahead in life.  My favorite hobby is painting.  Whenever I have my mind, I sit down with a pencil.

Activities in this site
  • Colouring
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Quick Math
  • Clock
  • Science
  • Sudoku
  • Puzzel
  • Crossword
  • Drag & Drop
  • Memory Etc... More activities in this site
 The natural scenery attracts me a lot, I try to put it on paper.  One day after seeing my hobby, my father gave me a brush and a cloth.  Then what was my child's heart got excited.  I made a lot of pictures.

 I displayed these pictures in school on the occasion of Children's Day.  Many people praised my art.  Then I started participating in painting competition in various places.  I received the first prize twice.

 Apart from painting, I also love kite flying.  I enjoy seeing colorful kites in the sky.  When I bite the kite of others with my kite, there is a feeling of victory.  I also feel that my kite flew at the highest height.

 But this hobby of mine sometimes puts my family in trouble.  The reason is that I often forget to eat and drink to the tune of flying a kite.  Then I have to send someone to the family and call me.  Many times one has to listen to the rebuke of the father, but hobby is a hobby.
A few days later, kite flying started again!  I am also very fond of traveling.  Whenever I get an opportunity, I travel with my family to some scenic spot.  I keep celebrating mom and dad from time to time to make a trip.

 Whenever there is a program for a walk or picnic on behalf of the school, I am definitely involved in it.  I love natural places more than religious and historical places.  Waterfalls, multi-purpose dams, wildlife sanctuaries, lakes, lakes, hill stations, plains etc. attract me a lot.

Most Useful  site with useful picture and grammar for standard 1 to 12.

 There are many benefits of traveling or tourism.  With this we get opportunities to learn.  Along with entertainment, there is enlightenment.  Nature is also good for our health.  Beautiful landscapes infuse hope into our mind.

 From these we also get an opportunity to look into the life of various animals and birds.  Everyone must have some hobby.  Various hobbies end the monotony of our life and generate excitement and enthusiasm in us.  Hobbies help us instill creativity.  These are the best companions of our free time.
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Friday, August 28, 2020

Best teacher award 2020

Best teacher award 2020

On the occasion of Teacher's Day, students have to give a speech about this day in school.  But if prepared in advance, it proves more effective.  Here we are giving you some idea of ​​speech on Teachers Day, from which you can prepare a great speech on Teacher's Day.

Work on these ideas
 Start with Teachers' Day Speech with greetings from teachers and fellow students.  After this you can tell when and why Teachers' Day is celebrated.  On the day of Teacher's Day, the second President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is born, so you can also throw light on his life and tell that Teacher's Day is celebrated only to honor him.  When someone asked Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan to celebrate his birthday, he said that I would be more happy if Teacher's Day was celebrated on this day instead of my birthday.  Since then, Teachers' Day is celebrated every year on this day.  You can also throw light on some important things in Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's life.

Best teacher award 2020


During the speech, you can also tell about your favorite teacher or if a teacher has ever helped you personally or you have done something for your partner, then you can also mention it in your speech.  Apart from this, a teacher can also tell about what is important in the student's life.  You can also tell about the great personalities of the world who have made an outstanding contribution in the field of education.

 Prepare a speech like this
 Write the speech in one place and make it into pointers, then it will be easier to remember.  Most people try to speak by rote their speech.  In this way, when you forget the rote on the stage, then you become nervous.  Keep in mind that your objective is to convey your point to the people, not just formalization.  In such a situation, do not say your words in the tone of the conversation and tell them by rote.
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Teachers Day ujvni babat circular

Teachers Day ujvni babat circular

Which is given the name of Guru in common language. Every parent's dream is that their children get a good education, so they send their children to schools, colleges and institutes, whose full credit is given to the teacher.

 International Day of Education is celebrated on 5 October.  Education Day in India is celebrated every year on 5 September.  Education Day is celebrated very enthusiastically in schools, colleges and institutes, besides the students also give gifts to the teacher.  Students who wish to receive the Essay on Teacher's Day keeping Teacher Day in mind, can read the complete information on our page.
The Guru-Shishya tradition is an important and sacred part of India's culture.  No one can take the place of parents in life because the first teacher of our life is our parents, but the teacher teaches the way to follow the right path.  The tradition of Guru and teacher has been going on in India since ancient times. On the international level, Education Day is celebrated on 5 October, while in India, Education Day is celebrated on 5 September every year.

 The former Vice President of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a learned teacher.  He contributed 40 years of his life as a teacher in shaping the future of this country.  He was born on 5 September 1888 in Tirutani, a small village in Tamil Nadu.  After he became the Vice President, his friends and some students expressed his wish to celebrate his birthday.  Dr. Radhakrishnan said that he would be very proud if his birthday was celebrated as Teacher's Day.  In view of his contribution in the field of education, his birthday is celebrated every year as Teachers' Day.

Teachers Day ujvni babat circular


On the day of teacher's day, students give gifts to their teachers in schools, besides listening to poetry, poetry and good things.  Celebrations are celebrated with great pomp in schools. Both teachers and students take part in cultural activities. Programs are held on Teachers' Day in different institutions including school colleges.  While students respect the gurus in various ways, the teacher pledges to uphold the guru-disciple tradition.

 Teacher's day is celebrated not only in India but also with great pomp in all countries.  Teacher's day is celebrated on 5 September in 21 countries like Bangladesh, Australia, China, Germany, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, UK, Iran etc.  In addition, on 28 February, teachers are celebrated in 11 countries of the world.
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Gujcet Exam Official Answer key declared

Gujcet Exam Official  Answer key declared

The day before the exam is very important.  On this day the examinee goes through different mind conditions.  Each student is in a state of uncertainty as to what questions will come in the exam.  Every examiner tries to prepare himself best for that critical situation.

 Students study diligently for their exams.  They prepare for the subject of examination.  Preparation of questions, making notes and preparing the main formulas for the main questions is a normal but tedious routine of exam days.

 Many books are read by the student to get good marks in the exam.  But even then, he is not convinced about his success.  The parents of the examinees take special care of them.  Everyone wishes them all the best for the exam.

 All help the examinee, they get everything ready so that their time is not wasted.  Special care is taken on the night before the exam.  Students re-read their syllabus well and try to remember the questions and answers.

 Students speculate about the question paper appearing in the exam.  At night, he re-read everything carefully.  He does not study till late night because he must sleep for some time otherwise he will not be able to concentrate in the exam.  Examiners are very stressed about the exam and they are not interested in anything.

 He does not feel like eating anything.  He does not want to hear anything else.  He leaves tired.  They get bored.  He sees frustration everywhere because he only thinks about the exam.  Examiners collect their material for the examination.  Some pens and accessories are preserved properly in the painting material.

Gujcet Exam Official  Answer key declared

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 Check Official Answer Key : From Here

 Check Official Website : From Here

 At bedtime, they apply Alaram so that they get up at the right time in the morning and at the last time they can read their notes and get ready at the right time.  The day before the exam is not a time for excitement and cheerfulness, but it is a confused mind and a tired mental state.  At this time, the examinees are not comfortable.

 Sadness casts upon them.  No one likes to take exams, no matter how intelligent a student is, he is afraid of exams.  But it is only after thinking that the candidates go to take the examination that one more burden has gone away.  After this, some days will be completely relaxed and fun and he will not even look at the books.
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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Standard 6 to 8 online training model science

Standard 6 to 8 online training model science

Science and technology have inspired us to establish modern civilization.  people get a chance to enjoy these results, which make our life more relaxed and enjoyable.

 Science and technology benefits

 If we think about it, science and technology have many benefits.  They range from small things to big ones.  For example, the morning paper we read, which gives us reliable information, is the result of scientific progress.  Furthermore, electrical appliances without which it is difficult to imagine life such as refrigerators, , microwaves, etc. are the result of advanced technological advances.

 Furthermore, if we look at the transport scenario, we see that science and technology also play a major role here.  We can reach another part of the Earth faster, all are the result of advanced form of technology.

 In addition, science and technology have enabled humans to see beyond our planet.  The discovery of new planets and the installation of satellites in space has been possible only to a large extent due to science.

 Similarly, science and technology have also impacted the medical and agricultural sectors.  Various treatments being searched for diseases have saved the lives of millions through science.  In addition, technology has enhanced the production of various crops benefiting farmers in a big way.

 Leading scientist in science

 Finally, many scientists like Thomas Edison, Sir Isaac Newton were born in this world.  They have made big inventions.  Thomas Edison invented the light bulb.  If they had not invented this, today the whole world would have been in darkness.  Because of this Thomas Edison's name became recorded in history.

Standard 6 to 8 online  training Babat circular

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 Another famous scientist was Sir Isaac Newton.  Sir Isaac Newton told us about gravity.  With its help, we were able to discover many other theories.

Standard 6 to 8 online training model science


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 The scientist in India was Abdul Kalam.  He contributed a lot to our space research and defense forces.  He made many advanced missiles.  These scientists did great work and we will always remember them.

 Taking very commendable steps in this sequence, Scientist K.K.  Under Siwan's leadership, India launched its vehicle on the moon under Chandrayaan-2 mission in the first attempt itself.  Since we did not get success in this, but it proved to be a huge achievement for India.


 Actually, our very existence now depends on science.  Every day new technologies are coming in which are making human life easier and more comfortable.

 Subsequently, science and technology has assisted in advancing various fields including mathematics, astrophysics, space technology, nuclear power and more.  Some of the best examples of these developments are railway systems, smartphones, metro systems, etc.
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Standard 6 to 8 online training Babat circular

Standard 6 to 8 online  training Babat circular

Time Table
  • 26/8/2020 Social Science 10:30 to 12:30
  • 28/8/2020 Science 10:30 to 12:30
Education is an important part of people's life.  It is the right of every citizen to get a good education.  An educated person builds his career on the basis of good education. 

Education today is much more diverse than in 1950 due to advances in teaching and other great inventions.  Nowadays online education is dominated in the present life.  Online education is a medium where the teacher can connect remotely and from any corner of the world through the Internet.  Teachers make video calls through apps like Skype, Zoom etc. and children can see and hear the teacher on laptop or computer.  Teachers share their computer screens to teach children, so that children can get education from home.

  Today, children from all over the world are able to study easily using online education.  Good and fast internet connectivity is required to get online education.  Teachers teach children in distance education according to VHAS video, DVD and Internet courses.  Online education was made legal in 1993 and is a unique way through which students of all ages can study.  Online education is becoming popular over the years due to the ease of the Internet.

 In the present situation, children are not able to get education in schools and colleges, but online education has made the way much easier.  Children are able to complete their studies at home.  Some children are not able to study by going to teachers' homes or coaching organizations.  He completes his studies through online education and attains online degree by taking exams.  Nowadays most professional courses are online.  Students study online and achieve their degree by taking online exams.
 With online education, we not only get the education required in India but also abroad.  With this our knowledge develops greatly.  Due to online education, students do not have to go anywhere and this saves travel time.  Students choose the time according to their convenience and join online classes.

Standard 6 to 8 online  training Babat circular

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 In online education, students can record the class taken by the teacher.  After this, after the class, the students can listen to the recording again and if there is any doubt, feel free to ask the teacher in another class.  This makes the concept students understand the concept.  If there is any type of subject related problem in online education, you can ask the teacher online.  There is no need to go anywhere for this. To teach online, the teacher has created some programs like flash cards and games that enhance the learning experience of the student.

 Civil service exams and studies like engineering and medical are taking place online, not in educational institutions.  It is difficult to say how long the corona period will last and hence it is mandatory for the students to follow social distance.  In this situation, online education is a better option.  Nowadays the fast growing world is lacking in time and all the services offered through the web are gaining popularity.
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Corona Gujarat update 27-8-2020

Corona Gujarat update 27-8-2020

The Gujarat government has announced that screening, monitoring and testing of people will go to every door in the state.

 There were 1321 tests in the state on 30 March and 40,616 tests were done in the state till 23 April.  Jayanthi Ravi, Principal Secretary, Gujarat Health Department, said that the cases in Ahmedabad have also increased because the testing has been increased in areas with hotspots and curfews.  According to Jayanthi Ravi, 447.81 people were tested in Gujarat till April 19 in Gujarat, whereas in India, an average of only 269 people were tested per lakh people.  Compared to other parts of the country, more tests are being done in Gujarat.

 According to Jayanthi Ravi, 19 cases of infection per million people have been reported in Gujarat, while 30 cases have been reported in Telangana, 28 in Maharashtra, 20 in Uttar Pradesh, 19 in Tamil Nadu and 91 in Corona in Delhi.

 According to Jayanti Ravi, it cannot be said by looking at these figures that more cases are being seen in Gujarat.  15 places in Ahmedabad, Surat, Bhavnagar and Vadodara of Gujarat have been identified as hotspots, out of which eight places in Ahmedabad have been identified as hotspots.  Cluster has been quarantined in 16 areas including Ahmedabad's Kot, meaning curfew has been imposed.

 So far, more than 1600 cases of corona infection have been reported in Ahmedabad, in which most of the coats are from the area.  Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation says that it is actively working to find out new cases.
Apart from Ahmedabad, large clusters have been proved in Surat and Vadodara, from where most new infections have emerged.  Surat is the second largest city in Gujarat by Corona infection.  As of 15 April, there were 61 infected patients, which increased to 445 by 23 April.

Corona Gujarat update 27-8-2020

 On March 24, there were only six cases of corona infection in Surat.  In Surat, 10 areas have been declared clusters in terms of corona infection, where people have been asked to be quarantined in their homes.  According to the administration, the density of population in Surat is very high, so the risk of spreading the infection is very high here.

 There were three cases of corona infection in Vadodara on 20 March which increased to 217 on 23 April.  The highest number of cases have been reported in the northern area of ​​the city.  The local administration is sampling in the cluster segment by dividing Vadodara into Red, Orange, Yellow and Green zones to find out new cases.
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Today's education news 27-8-2020

Today's education news 27-8-2020

The present age is the era of science.  By the grace of science such a means of transport has become such that the whole country has shrunk to a big city forest and the remote nations have become our neighbors.
August moths unit test paper
 In such a situation, there is a strong desire to get information about the daily activities of our neighbors.  Newspapers help us fulfill this wish.

 The invention of the printing device has given special significance in the promotion of Dunke.  Therefore, in the present era, newspapers have become a major part of our life.



 We have become so used to it that as soon as we wake up in the morning we get restless to read it.  There are mainly two means of receiving news.  In almost all the countries of the world, there are some news agencies disciplined by the government, which keeps sending news to newspapers in all the countries of the world.  Teleprinter is used for this work.  This device provides instant news.

 In addition, each newspaper has its own paid correspondents in the country and abroad.  They send news by fax.  In the morning, the hawker who delivers the newspaper delivers the desired newspaper to our house.

 Newspaper publishing is an independent business.  A person takes out a local newspaper emanating from the metropolis with his capital, but big companies publish big newspapers.  Many departments and employees work under them.  There is a Editor in Chief for editing news.





 His department is called Editorial Department.  There are several sub-editors to assist the editor-in-chief.  In addition to the editorial department, there are also sales department, advertising department, correspondence department, printing and compositing department etc.  All these departments work in mutual cooperation.

Grade Medavama mate na all patrako

 There are many benefits from newspapers.  From them we get news of all areas of the country and abroad sitting at home every day.  They increase our knowledge and we learn a lot from them.  By presenting the burning problems of the world to us, they give us an opportunity to think about them.  These are popular means of advertisement of merchandise.  If a businessman wants to increase the consumption of his goods, he takes shelter of the newspaper.


 The government also gives the newspaper the means to propagate its orders.  Thus, there is a constant contact between the ruler and the public.  If a burning political problem arises in the country or abroad, then we get the views of the politicians and the public through the newspaper.



 Newspapers are critical of governance policy and keep the public alert about it.  He appeals for redress of the sufferings and hardships of the common people by putting them before the government.  They thus establish a solid relationship between the two by becoming the ruler and the arbiter of the governed.

 There are also some losses from newspapers.  Leaders of various political parties keep propagating untruths through newspapers for the benefit of their party.  This misleads the public and hurts national unity.  Sometimes newspapers publish false news and create a stir against the regime.  Sometimes traders cheat the public by undesirable appreciation of their goods.

 By printing erotic advertisements and pornographic images, the newspapers spoil the character of the public.  They also do not miss out on promoting enmity between different sects, political parties, castes and social institutions.  They have a big hand in instigating communal riots.  Notwithstanding these qualities and fortifications, the newspaper has its own importance in the democratic era.

 Newspapers are vigilant sentinels of independent countries.  His main aim is to create a healthy public opinion for each burning problem of the country and to connect the whole world in a series of unity.  In fulfillment of this goal, newspapers are helpful, the head of the country is higher than them.
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Primary School Mahekam Image

Primary School Mahekam Image

How to calculate McCormick as of August 31st
 The Government of Gujarat has called for the number of primary teachers in primary education as on 31st August. If there is a year or a vacancy, the research is done accordingly so that the teachers can go to their favorite place and get themselves in a good place.  The establishment of 31st August is very much required for the recruitment of new recruits as it is required by the Director.

School i.e. a school or house of learning.  A place where education is imparted through teaching and learning.

 School vision

 The school's tradition is not new.  Our country has been a source of knowledge for centuries.  We have had a Gurukul tradition since time immemorial.  The great king Maharaja also left his royalty and used to go to Gurukul for the attainment of knowledge.  Even Lord Krishna and Shri Ram, the incarnations of God, went to the Gurukul Ashram to study.  Guru's place is higher than God, taught the world like this.

 School role

 The most important time of life is our childhood.  This is the time when we live only for ourselves.  Make friends  Laugh with friends, cry.  Experience the real joy of life.  Our school is with us in all these moments of happiness.

 Sometimes our teachers become closer than our parents.  We are ready to hold and maintain at every step.  Due to fear of parents, many children tell their problems to their teachers only.  Only the teacher shows the correct way of life of the student.

 The conclusion

 Schools are both public and private.  Nowadays such people have become convinced that only private schools are taught.  This assumption is incorrect.  The same school is availed by many schools.  Every parent wants to give best education to their children.  But not everyone's status is enough to fill the hefty fees of these schools.

Primary School Mahekam Image

2019 mujab uparnu latest

 Nowadays, education has been commercialized.  Everyone is only trying to fill their pockets.  No one is worried about the future of children.  The level of education is falling day by day.  School is the way from which the future of the country is created.  The government has made many rules in this regard.  But the general public has to follow.

My school name is Higher Secondary School.  The campus of my school is quite large.  My school has four buildings of two floors each.  There are big trees all around it.  It has more than fifty rooms.  Each room has large windows and two doors.  There are three big playgrounds.  There is also a basketball-court adjacent to it.

 Our school has more than fifty teachers.  All are very cordial and accommodating.  Help the children in every way possible.

 School features

 The National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF 2005) and the Right to Education 2009 (RTE 2009) set certain standards, according to which the school's structure and environment should be.  The National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF 2005) has taken important steps to promote the level of education in India.  Which are also proven very effective.  The RTE 2009 has stated the special and important role of the school in the overall development of students.  It is the responsibility of the school to take care of every small and big needs of the children.

 According to the standard some features are as follows-

 Should be a quiet environment.

 Should be trend teachers.

 The school should excel in board examinations.

 Regular home work should be given.

 Continuous evaluation method should be adopted for evaluation of students.

 There should be a library and reading room for self-study.

 Extra-curricular activity should be emphasized.

 Competitive examinations should be arranged in various subjects

 The rooms should be large and airy for teaching.

 As per the instructions of CBSE, grading system has been implemented in place of marks in class 9 and 10 also from the session 2009-2010, which should be followed.

 There should be proper arrangement of soft drinking water.

 Proper toilets should be provided.

 There should be proper arrangement for physical, yoga, dance and music education.

 Debate competition etc. should be organized for student interactions and mental development.

 The school's annual magazine should be published, which should mention meritorious children from every field.

 All classrooms should have a smart classroom system.

 Type of school

 From childhood until we grew up, we studied in different schools.  Schools also have many types, such as

 Anganwadi - In Anganwadi, it is usually taught to young children to sit and do other basic things.

 Primary School - Primary school has one to five classes.

 Secondary School - In this system, education from first to eighth is imparted.  Sometimes this class is from six to eight as well.

 Higher Secondary School - Education up to twelfth is edited here.
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