HC Verma
HC Verma

Concepts of Physics By HC Verma is well written by HC Verma to clear your concepts of physics for competitive exams like JEE Main and JEE Advance as well as for boards. This book is must for students who want a strong grip over the concept and willing to solve all the theory question easily

About Author

HC Verma is an IIT Professor in IIT Kanpur and he is also a researcher in nuclear Science in IIT Kanpur. This book is written by him to help the elementary students to clear their concept and build a strong base.
HC Verma
H C Verma

About The Book & Features

This book is divided into two parts :Part 1 and part 2.
This Books is written in simple language by the author and even a layman can understand the topics and concepts easily just by reading this book. It cover all the chapter and topics for class XI and Class XII . This book is popular among the students preparing for competitive exams like JEE Mains and JEE Advanced and other state level engineering exams.
The book contains a lot of questions for practice and to improve your problem solving skills. The Back questions consists of 25% MCQ that is multiple choice questions in which some of them contains one or more than one correct answer and these type of question are very helpful as these types of question comes in JEE Advanced. It is a simplified version of IE Irodov

Topics covered

Mechanics and its Properties.
Wave Theorem
Second Volume covers
Electromagnetic Effect
Modern Physics


First Book

Basics of Physics
Role of Mathematics in Physics
Kinematics and its application
Types of Forces

Properties of Motion and Rest
Laws of Newton.
Circulatory Motion
Work and Energy.

Friction and its effect
Centre and Linear momentum
Sound and Light Waves.

Gravity and its Types
Mechanical Properties of Matter.
Rotational Properties.

Optics and optical instruments
Photometry and Lightspeed

Second Book

Electric field and Potential.Heating Effect
Thermodynamics and its all law
Transfer of Gases

Gases and its theories
Electrostatics and its basic types
Properties of Matter

Magnetism and its Application

Semiconductor and Semiconductor Device.
Alternating Current.
Type of Waves 

Theory of Relativity.
Effect of Current on gases.
Photo-Electric Effect.
Atomic Models
Types of Spectrum and rays
Nuclear Physics and its effect

Salient Features of the Book

  • can be understood by layman
  • simple language
  • conceptual back exercises
  • quality examples

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