Cengage  Waves and Thermodynamics
Cengage  Waves and Thermodynamics

The Book named Cengage Waves and Thermodynamics by B.M Sharma is a designed by the author BM Sharma to provide a good study material to students who are prepairing for the JEE Exam. The JEE exam is now conducted by NTA from 2019 and the whole paper is computer based in the exam of JEE. The exam consists of three sections

  • Physics
  • Chemistry 
  • maths
Each section of the examination consists of 30 questions ,for each correct answer you are awarded a4 marks and negative marking is also there in the exam so for each wrong answer 1 marks is deducted from the total score of the student.
The result is now not given in marks but it is given in percentile.

About The Book

This books is designed by the author to get an all round grasp over the topic and student can perform well in all the contexts and could score more marks in the examination.This book consists of large number of solved questions which helps the students to understand how the questions are to be solved in the topic and help the students to have a perfect grasp over the topic of Waves and thermo dynamics.

Content Of The Book

Unit 1: Thermal Physics

  • Thermal properties of matter
  • Kinetic theory of gases and Thermodynamics
  • archives of 1 & 2

Unit 2: Oscillation and waves

  • Linear and angular harmonic moyions
  • Travelling waves
  • Sound Waves and Doplers effect
  • Superposition and Standind Waves
  • Archives
I would recommend this book to all my brother who are visiting this site so that can score well in the JEE exam and get a good collage like NIT or IIT.This book also consist of questions similar to patern of JEE Mains and JEE Advance which is very benificial for the students a sthey get into practice of doing similar types of questions.

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