I E Irodov- Problems in General Physics is the book written by I E Irodov .It is a very good book for every JEE aspirants and most of the jee aspirant prefer to solve I E Irodov to clear their concept in the topic of simple mechanics.

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Most of the top coaching institutes like ALLEN, Resonance and Motion recommend their Best students to solve this book by heart as it makes their hold strong over the topic.

Most of the aspirants devote a lot of time to solve this book this tells you the importance and value of this book, But if your concepts are not clear i would not recommend you to solve this book this would be a waste of time. If your concept is not clear i would recommend you to solve and read H C Verma which is the best book for your building concept.

Irodov Problem in General Physics Content:

  • Physical Fundamentals of Mechanics
  • Electrodynamics.
  • Optics (Geometrical & Optical).
  • Oscillation and Waves.
  • Nuclear Physics.
  • Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics.

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