What is Phishing?

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt of obtaining sensitive information like: passwords and other details of accounts of various website like Facebook ,Instagram ,Twitter etc. It can be done through various malicious scripts ,various links and other things.
Various Phishing techniques can be used by crackers to obtain your sensitive information like password etc 

Facebook Phishing

Facebook Phishing is a fraudulent used to obtain your facebook username and password. cracker can use various techniques to phish your facebook account details. they could lure you all to:
  • click to get more followers
  • more friends
  • more likes 
  • more shares
  • and many others

There are various websites like shadow wave which could help normal people to do phishing. They could send you link stating that "Login through this link to get 5000 followers on your facebook account"  OR "Login through this link to get 500 likes on your post"

I request to all my readers to stay away from such sacms and protect your privacy.
People can also share you links for phishing your account details of other sites to like instagram, Snapchat etc.