DC Pandey Mechanics Part 2

DC Pandey mechanics part 2

DC Pandey Mechanics is excellent book clearing your concept and test your knowledge on mechanics. The book  beautifully designed for JEE aspirants to help them perform well in the JEE and have good grasp over the topic.

The Book is perfectly designed by JEE aspirants to help them to increase their score in the exam and get the college of their choice.
This book really provides you a chance to boost your Rank in the JEE Exam.
The JEE is now conducted by NTA and the test is now computer based. Each students gets a different set of question in their exam so this book will surely help you as it will make you practise a variety of questions.

Topics Covered in the Book:

  1. Mechanics of Rotational Motion.
  2. Fluid Mechanics.
  3. Simple Harmonic Motion.
  4. Gravitation
  5. Elasticity
  6. Hints & Solutions.

Download DC Pandey Mechanics 2 from the given link