Plastic is non biodegradable material which is not decomposed for thousands of years in nature and also pollutes the soil which then leads to the formation infertile soil which is not good for plants.
We live in the plastic age , we are surrounded by plastic from a pen to big chairs and table. Recycling of plastic is much needed for welfare of environment, we have to develop methods to recycle all types of plastic present today.

Best way to Reuse Plastic Bottles

There are numerous ways present on the thing called Internet to reuse plastic bottles but most of them are useless like making kitchen container -which is in fact harmful for as the items kept in them get deteriorated. Today here I will show you the best way by which you can reuse Plastic Bottles.

I will tell you how to reuse plastic bottles to repair your broken cricket bat which will surely help you to use your cricket bat for 1-2 more years(for me it lasted for 2 years ;)

  • You just need a plastic bottle of a cold drink like pepsi,fanta etc.

  • A cutter 
  • Glue
  • And some heat
Follow the given the given video to repair your cricket bat through a plastic bottle
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