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Friday, February 26, 2021

7th Pay Commission Latest News - DA, PF, Gratuity, other allowance news

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Before Holi, the country's government employees are going to get big good news. According to media reports, the Modi government may increase the inflation allowance by 4 per cent. Central Government Employees.

The government may increase the inflation relief allowance

According to media reports, after the announcement of the All India Consumer Price Index and the introduction of the Union Budget 2021 in Parliament, the inflation allowance has gone up by 4 per cent. According to sources, the government may increase dearness relief by 4 per cent. Also can pay other outstanding allowance.

The recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission will be implemented

The government's announcement on DA hike will be based on the recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission. Currently the central employee gets a DA of 17 per cent. That's 4% of DA and an increase in total DA.

The state can run on the formula of the center

According to the report, freezing the DA and DR installments for central government employees and pensioners will bring the combined savings to Rs 37,530 crore this financial year. These savings are also being made in the year before that. Let me tell you that state governments can generally comply with the Centre's order on DA and DR. It is estimated that the state government can also save Rs 82,566 by suspending the DA-DR of employees and pensioners adopting this formula of the Center.
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Covers Previous Year Board Paper in All 10,11,12 Sci & Commerce in PDF format for download in your mobile. 

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In this gseb app, for more practice for students, we are adding questions on regular basis. So the student can study maximum questions answers
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The school has to register on the website gssstb.o

 The school has to register on the website gssstb.o

 Important Link

Read Instructions : Click Here

Apply Online :

Std.1 to 8 - Procedure for registration at school level:

Watch Video : શાળા કક્ષાએ રજીસ્ટ્રેશન કેવી રીતે કરશો ?

1. The school has to register on the website to enter the data in the on-line textbook indent system. 2. Name of the head teacher and mobile number using the school's own UDISE code

Do school registration.

* Type of School: Government, Granted, KGBV, Ashram School, Model School and Select the medium.

School of Std. 1 to 8 to choose its own taluka / municipality.

If there is a school of standard 1 to 12, they have to select both taluka / municipality and SVS.

3. Free textbooks of Std. 1 to 8 will be available to the school only from the selected taluka / municipality.

84px; font-stretch: inherit; font-variant-east-asian: inherit; font-variant-numeric: inherit; height: auto; line-height: inherit; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; text-align: center; vertical-align: baseline; width: 373.091px;">

4. If the name of the head teacher of the school and the change in mobile is noticed, the school can change the information by contacting its Taluka Primary Education Officer or Govt. Officer (UDISE code is required.)

5. The school will select the standard, medium, subject, enter the required number of textbooks (as per CTS) and submit.

6. For the demand of textbooks for the academic year 2021-22, the number of students as per CTS will be checked online and then the demand will be accepted.

7. Then click on Request Books-> STD 1 TO 8 ROUND 1. 8. Demand Books STD 1 to 8 Round - 1

Select and enter the CTS wise number in the requirement.

9. Check the Entry Report Std 1 report in the Reports menu to get this information in the form of a report.

10. After entering all the above information and verifying the report, clicking on “confirm and Lock” in the report will lock your information. Will have to.

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Comedy Viral Video

Comedy Viral Video

 Music video 'Top Tucker' by famous rapper Badshah and South Cinema actress Rashmika Mandana is rocking these days.  The fans of this song are not only youth but also a grandmother.  These grandmothers, along with their grandchildren, have done a bang dance on this song of Badshah.  The video of the dhumkas, planted by grandmother with her grandson on this song, has gone viral on social media.

 Grandma's energetic dance is becoming fiercely viral on social media

 Badshah has shared a video on Instagram.  In which social media user Akshay Parth Sarathi is seen dancing on this track with his grandmother.  Energetic dance of Akshay and his grandmother, who hails from Tamil Nadu, is getting viral on social media.  People are not tired of praising grandma's dance.  Millions of people have watched this video.  The video is constantly going viral.


Rotate, straighten, crop, resize.

 Badshah shared video of Dancer Dadi

 Rapper Badshah shared a video of Dancer Dadi and wrote, Dadi, you are my 'top tucker'.  Along with this, Badshah has also posted an emoji of the heart in this post.  Super 30 actresses Mrinal Thakur and singer Payal Dev have responded to the video.  Let me tell you that this is not the first dance video of a pair of grandchildren, which people are fiercely liking.

 Even before this, many videos of the pair of grandparents have made a lot of headlines in the internet world.  Akshay often makes videos with his grandmother on different songs and dialogues.  The days that go viral on social media.  Akshay by profession also does modeling.  Akshay's Insta profile is filled with videos made with his grandmother.

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Petrol became cheaper by Rs 18 and diesel by Rs 11 per liter in the state

 Petrol became cheaper by Rs 18 and diesel by Rs 11 per liter in the state

The price of petrol and diesel is skyrocketing across the country. Rising petrol and diesel prices are having an impact on the lives of everyone. From business to services, inflation is having an impact. Nowhere is the opposition protesting on the issue of inflation and petrol and diesel while transporters are raising fares. There are also a lot of mimes on social media about the price of petrol and diesel.

But in the midst of this environment, there is one such state in our country. Where petrol has become cheaper by Rs 18 and diesel by Rs 11 per liter. The name of this state is Nagaland. He has announced a big cut in the price of petrol and diesel to provide relief to the people of his state. The state government has given real relief by reducing the price of petrol and diesel in the northeastern state. The Nagaland government has slashed taxes on petrol and diesel to reduce prices.

The Nagaland government has taken a big step by cutting the tax on petroleum products and motor spirits from 29.80% to 25%. Apart from this, the Nagaland government has reduced the tax rate for diesel by Rs 11.08 to Rs 10.51. Per liter or reduced from 17.50% to 16.50% per liter. Even though Nagaland is a small state in the Northeast, the move by the government is welcome. This has brought a real economic relief to the people of the state. Nagaland is the fifth state in the country to take such a step.

Earlier, in West Bengal, Meghalaya, Rajasthan and Assam, the government has given a big relief in petrol and diesel prices by cutting taxes. The decision was taken by the Nagaland state government on Tuesday. Looking at the price of crude oil, the price of crude oil rose on Tuesday.

In Delhi, petrol went up to Rs 90.93 and diesel to Rs 81.32 on Wednesday. Considering the continuous increase, petrol prices have gone up for 13 consecutive days. On Wednesday, petrol was priced at Rs 97.34 and diesel at Rs 88.44 in Mumbai. Petrol-diesel is much more expensive in Mumbai than in other metros of the country. Earlier, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said that this was a dilemma.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Online education election all forms filled copy


Online education election all forms filled copy

edX is your trusted platform for online education and learning.

Founded by Harvard university and MIT, edX is home to more than 20 million learners, the majority of top-ranked universities in the world, and industry-leading companies, offering 2000+ online courses.

Make edX your online classroom. Learn and master the most in-demand skills to advance your career with certificate programs and online courses from top universities in the fastest- growing fields: computer science and programming, web development, data science, engineering, business, management, marketing, finance, accounting, math, design, cybersecurity, power bi, software engineering, and more. From data science courses to computer programming courses, edX has you covered.

Looking for computer science courses to learn new skills on how to code for web development or mobile app development in programming languages like C, C++, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and R programming.

Want an online course to study communication, human psychology, mechanical engineering, information technology, supply chain analysis, digital marketing, anatomy, statistics, machine learning or artificial intelligence?

With over 2000 online courses, we can help you gain the knowledge you’re looking for! Learn new skills and earn course certifications in your very own online classroom.

શિક્ષણ સહાયક ભરતી ઓફીસીયલ સાઇટ અપડેટ

Tutoring and learning support

UW College of Education: The UW College of Education Community Job Board connects families curious about hiring students to supply tutoring or enrichment opportunities with students curious about work opportunities.

UW Child Care Connections: UW Child Care Connections may be a service that connects UW students willing to supply child care or learning support to UW employees and graduate students who need caregiving support.

Washington state has seen 75 confirmed cases, the foremost of any state within the country, and making up quite 1 / 4 of the entire cases within the US. As a result, the state has also seen many of the foremost extreme precautions. Schools within the state began to pack up operations in the week to stop new illnesses. Universities, high schools, middle, and elementary schools are all closing buy varying amounts of your time , some moving classes exclusively online through apps and software like Zoom and Google Classroom until they reopen.

PDF અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

 In a message to families, Washington state’s Northshore School District’s superintendent, Michelle Reid, wrote that before their closure on March 5th, teachers worked with students “to confirm they're familiar with the web platform(s) they're going to be using which students are equipped with a tool and wifi to interact in virtual learning.”

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Digital media rules: Govt says there should be a forum for millions of users to complain, who has posted the wrong content

 Digital media rules: Govt says there should be a forum for millions of users to complain, who has posted the wrong content

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Thursday unveiled new guidelines for social media, OTT platforms and news websites. He said users against social media abuses and misuses should get a forum to resolve their grievances within the time limit. Companies should make arrangements for that.

Social media companies should have an official to listen to complaints and also disclose his name. This officer must clear the complaint within 15 days. If the complaint is about nudity, the content attached to it should be removed within 24 hours. If you delete the content of a social media user, you have to give sufficient reasons. You also need to specify who posted the wrong content the first time. Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar has said about OTT and digital news portals that they have arrangements to control themselves there. Arrangements are made for OTT in the same way as there is a censor board for films. The content displayed on it should be age-appropriate.

Has become a platform promoting people who spread violence

"We received a complaint that social media has become a platform to promote criminals, terrorists and those who spread violence," Prasad said. WhatsApp has 50 crore users in India. Facebook has 41 crore users. Instagram has 21 million users and Twitter has 1.5 million users. There have been complaints of misuse of social media and fake news. This was a matter of concern, so our government has decided to prepare guidelines for such a platform. Freedom of the media is freedom of democracy. But every freedom is full of responsibility.

Rules new rules for social media


Social media companies have to have an official for users' complaints and also mention their name.

This officer must resolve the complaint within 15 days. If there is a complaint on the issue of news, they have to remove the content within 24 hours

These companies have to submit a report every month on how many complaints have been received and what action has been taken on them. Complaints must be dealt with within 24 hours and resolved within 15 days.

If you post any rumors or false content, you have to say who posted this post or content for the first time.

If you want to delete the content of a social media user, you must also state the reason.

Guidelines for OTT and digital news

There will be a 3-phase mechanism for OTT and digital news. Everyone will have to give their information. There are no special rules for registration but specific information must be provided.

A system is created to resolve complaints. He will have to create a self-regulation body. It will be led by a retired Supreme Court or High Court judge or someone of the same level.

If there is a need to take immediate action, an arrangement should be made at the government level. Who sees events like this.

Like movies, OTT platforms will have to follow program code. Content must be classified according to age. That is, what content is appropriate for individuals of what age. It will be divided into 13+, 16+ and A categories.

Like movies, OTT platforms will have to follow program code. Content must be classified according to age. That is, what content is appropriate for individuals of what age. It will be divided into 13+, 16+ and A categories.

Arrangements like parental lock are arranged. So that parents can block some kind of content for their children which is not suitable for them.


OTT and news websites should be given the opportunity to create self-regulation twice

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said that crores of OTT platforms have come up like digital media news portals. Those who come from the press have to follow the code of the Press Council, but there is no obligation for digital media. Cables with TVs follow the code under the Network Act, but there is no such rule for OTT platforms. The government has thought that there should be a single judicial system for each media platform. Everyone has to follow certain rules and make arrangements for that.

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Reserve Bank of India has released a notification for recruitment to the post of Office Attendant on

 Reserve Bank of India has released a notification for recruitment to the post of Office Attendant on 

RBI Office Attendant 2021

A total of 841 vacancies are available in various offices of the Bank across India. Candidates seeking to apply for RBI office Attendant should be 10th class passed. Candidates can check more details on RBI 841 Office Attendant such as Check Important Dates, Educational Qualification, Age Limit, Selection Process, Exam Pattern, Fee and Online Application Link in this article.

Job Summary
NotificationRBI Office Attendant Recruitment 2021 Notification Out: 841 Vacancies Across India, Apply Online, 10th Pass Eligible, Check Exam Date, Exam Pattern Here
Notification DateFeb 24, 2021
Last Date of SubmissionMar 15, 2021
Date Of ExamApr 9, 2021
Education QualSecondary
FunctionalOther Funtional Area

RBI Office Attendant Important Dates



Starting Date of Application

24 February 2021

Last Date of Application

15 March 2021

RBI Office Attendant Exam Date

09 April and 10 April 2021

RBI Office Attendant Result Date

in the month of April and May 2021

RBI Office Attendant LPT Date

To be announced

RBI Office Attendant Vacancy Details

Office Attendant - 800

  1. Ahmedabad - 50
  2. Bangalore - 28
  3. Bhopal - 25
  4. Bhubaneswar - 24
  5. Chandigarh - 31
  6. Chennai - 71
  7. Guwahati - 38
  8. Hyderabad - 57
  9. Jammu - 9
  10. Jaipur - 43
  11. Kanpur- 69
  12. Kolkata - 35
  13. Mumbai - 202
  14. Nagpur - 55
  15. New Delhi - 50
  16. Patna - 28
  17. Thiruvananthapuram - 26

RBI Office Attendant Salary

Selected candidates will draw a starting basic pay of Rs. 10,940/- per month in the scale of 10940 – 380 (4) – 12460 – 440 (3) – 13780 – 520 (3) – 15340 – 690 (2) – 16720 – 860 (4) – 20160 – 1180 (1) - 23700 and other allowances, viz. Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance, Grade Allowance etc., as admissible from time to time. At present, initial monthly Gross emoluments for Office Attendants is approximately ₹ 26,508/-. Office Attendants who will not be staying in the accommodation provided by the Bank will be eligible for House Rent Allowance @ 15% of pay.

Eligibility Criteria for RBI Office Attendant Posts

Educational Qualification

A candidate should have passed 10th Standard (S.S.C./Matriculation) from the concerned State/UT coming under the Regional Jurisdiction of the Recruiting Office to which he/she is applying. Such qualification should be from a recognized board of that State/UT

RBI Office Attendant Age limit:

  • General/EWS - 18 to 25 Years
  • SC/ST - 18 to 30 Years
  • OBC - 18 to 28 Years
  • Persons with Benchmark Disabilities (PwBD) - By 10 years (GEN/EWS) 13 years (OBC) & 15 years (SC/ST)

Selection Process for RBI Office Attendant

The selection will be done on the basis of Online Test and Language Proficiency Test (LPT).

RBI Office Attendant Exam Pattern

The exam will be conducted in online mode and there will 120 objective-type questions of 120 marks on:


No. of Questions






1 hour and 30 minutes

General English



General Awareness



Numerical ability






There will be negative marking for the wrong answers in the Online Test. 1/4th mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

RBI Office Attendant Test Centres

RBI Office Attendant Application Fee:

  • OBC/EWS/General candidates (Test fee + Intimation Charges) - Rs. 450/-
  • SC/ST/PwBD/EXS. (Intimation Charges) - Rs. 50/-

RBI Office Attendant Notification Download

RBI Office Attendant Online Application Link

RBI Office Attendant LPT

RBI LPT Notice

LPT will be of Qualifying nature. The candidates provisionally selected from the Online Test will have to undergo a language proficiency test (LPT). LPT will be conducted in the Official 12 / Local Language of the State concerned. Candidates can check local languages through the PDF below:

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